Vatican: Pope Resumes His Activities After a Feverish Episode

May 31, 2023
Pope Francis and Italian President Sergio Mattarella

After stopping work for a day due to a feverish episode and general fatigue, Pope Francis was able to resume his normal activities on Saturday, May 28, after having canceled all his appointments the day before.

The Vatican announced that the Pope was resuming normal activity, with several private audiences, according to the spokesman of the Holy.

On Saturday afternoon, the Pope left the Vatican to go to RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana – to record a program for the religious program A Sua imagine (In his image).

Francis was also able to celebrate Pentecost Mass this Sunday and meet with Italian President Sergio Mattarella the next day. He also met with Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

At 86, the Pope is still in fairly good health, but for three or two years he has had a few more or less serious episodes. For instance, in July 2021, he was hospitalized for a colon operation. It also seems, according to the information, that this problem has somewhat recurred.

The Pope's knees increasingly prevent him from walking and force him to be driven in a wheelchair.

Then two months ago, he was hospitalized for bronchitis, which was only revealed when the first information given by the Vatican spokesperson spoke of an operation that was “settled,’ i.e., planned for a long time.