The Church Is in the Midst of a Civil War, According to a Vaticanist

January 26, 2023

Vaticanist Marco Politi claimed that for several years there had been “an underground civil war” in the Church. Speaking to Diocesan Radio Cologne, Politi said: “From the moment Pope Francis authorized de facto Communion for remarried divorcees after the two synods on the family, this civil war began, and it continues.”

The Vaticanist mentions in particular the Australian Cardinal George Pell, who died in January, who “last spring prepared a very critical memorandum in view of the next conclave,” explaining “that Francis’ pontificate is a catastrophe, a disaster, and that he does not care about the apostolic tradition.”

This anonymous document had been sent to all the cardinals under the signature of Demos. Sandro Magister says that he received this memorandum from Cardinal Pell himself on March 5, 2022, and that he published it the following March 12. The Vaticanist waited for the death of the Australian cardinal to reveal his authorship of this text.

The same Cardinal Pell published an article in the English magazine The Spectator, which turned out to be a posthumous article due to the death of the author, in which he speaks of “the neo-Marxist thought and the New Age mentality which have crept into Church,” Mr. Politi said. His conclusion is that “this is a sign of this conflict.”

According to Politi, “there is no broad reformist base” in the Church today, only “elements.”

On the contrary, “there is a very firm opposition, of at least 30%,” continued the Vaticanist. “Then there is a large intermediate range of 30-40% of bishops and theologians who are afraid of innovations and a possible Protestantization of the Church. And then there are 20 to 25% who are really reformists.”

In the future, the “battle” between the different parties of the Church will continue, according to the expert, and this, mainly because “the conservative opposition wants to exert influence on the next conclave.” This means: “Look at what is happening with Francis. We absolutely must have a pope who is much more careful.”